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Our Training Programs

Play & Stay Program

The Play & Stay program consist mainly of three colour ball classes (Red, Orange & Green).


Red Ball class is ideal for children age 6-7 depending on their level of ability. It is played on mini courts with smaller rackets and soft balls. The experience is just like real game on regular courts, and give opportunity to have long rallies since the court is smaller. The dimensions of the court are 11m by 5.5m or 12m by 6m. A shorter racket of size 43~58cm (17"~23") is recommended depending on the size and strength of the child.

Orange Ball class is generally suitable for children age 7~8 depending of their level of ability. The courts are bigger and wider (18m by 6.5m) than the red stage but still smaller than the full size tennis court. It allows player to develop a more rounded game whilst learning a range of techniques. Orange balls are 50% slower than normal yellow ball which give the child more control at this important stage of development. A racket of size 58~63cm (23"~25") is recommended depending on the size and strength of the child.

Green Ball class is normally conducted on a full size tennis court, with bigger racket size of 63~66cm (25"~26"). The ball speed is 25% slower than normal yellow ball. At this stage, player will learn a series of simple drills and necessary techniques before they progress to the next level.

Junior Program 
This program consist of three main groups, Junior I, Junior II & Super Junior.

At the Junior Program, players are taught more intensive drills such as footwork, serve, strokes and other techniques to equip them with the necessary skills for future competition level. Players are also given more opportunity to engage in match play to familiarise themselves on match strategies.   


Private Lesson

We also offer private individual or group lessons for those who wish to enhance their skills or merely looking for leisure playing. If you are looking for hitting partners (Male/Female), you are most welcome to play with our training coaches who are STA Open Champions and ITF Singles/Doubles Champions. 


For any corporate event or function, kindly call us for further information.


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